Design concept

Adjustable Voltage Function: The purpose is to satisfy different users,because different vapors like different vapor production. In addition, in order to satisfy the usage experience with various e-liquid, for high viscous e-liquid,you can choose low-grade output voltage,on the contrary, you can choose high-grade output voltage.


Appearance Design: The inspiration is from the world's largest marine creature, the blue whale. Looking from the side of BALAPOD, the streamlined design of the back cover originates from the blue whale’s fold stripes on the belly. And we use one electroplated ring to distinguish the back cover and the front part of BALAPOD, which reflects the overall shape features of the blue whale. Also,the smooth and dumb surfaces of front and back parts are obviously contrasted. This whole design completely shows the aesthetic feeling of BALAPOD.


Material matching: According to the current market feedback, the products will appear bulky,if the whole shell is made of zinc alloy.And users will feel some discomfort when putting in the pocket.Similarly, The whole plastic shell will make the product appear very light, thus losing the sense of quality. Therefore, BALAPOD's design is a combination of zinc alloy and plastic, so as to make a more perfect match on the weight of the whole product. Then it can avoid the discomfort of heavy weight,and increase the sense of quality.


Button: We use the most classic design of circular button like that on Apple mobile phone and Pad,then hope to make users easier to get used to using BALAPOD and feel more kindly. When we use BALAPOD to vape, the button lights on,liking the blue whale breathing to form water spray on the top. Then make BALAPOD more spiritual.


Pod capacity:2.0ml
Pod resistance:1.5Ω
Battery capacity:400mah
Product material:zinc Alloy&PC



Switching pod and output voltage adjusting mode: Press the switch button five times continuously to turn on and turn off the device. Press buttons three times continuously to adjust the voltage. The red LED means 3.4V, green LED means 3.8V, and the blue means 4.2V.